X-ray machines are extremely delicate and are made using high-precision components. These must be designed as close to the client’s original specifications as possible. There are several X ray tube components installed in a standard X-ray machine. For instance, the common components include rotors, anode cans, and several others that are installed in the machine. Most companies that manufacture X-ray tubes and machines generally require precise components. Rather than manufacturing everything on their own, X-ray machine companies generally outsource their services to third-party companies.

Many components are used for glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal seals. At Gasser, we produce high quality X ray tube components and supply them to many major corporations. We believe in maximizing consumer value by making sure we offer the best prices in the market. Using only the finest raw materials and high quality products, we are able to make sure the tube components we create are of an unparalleled quality. Here’s how the process works.

Deep Drawing

Rather than use expensive machinery for manufacturing, we use a process known as deep drawing. The deep drawing process begins with a standard sheet of metal. The metal is then pressed into a cup of die using a high-pressure pressing machine.  The presses and dies get deeper and narrower with the passage of time until the required diameter cap and desired depth has been reached. After the primary process is completed, we move on to secondary machining processes in order to create the final component.

Using deep-drawn components gives us a significant cost advantage over other manufacturers. For starters, we are able to offer much more affordable quotes to prospective customers. Another advantage of using the deep drawing process is that it significantly reduces the waste created from the manufacturing process. This is because the amount of raw material used during the manufacturing process is virtually the same as the finalized product. There’s no excess scrap to worry about.


Unlike other processes such as metal spinning or welding, deep drawing has a number of significant advantages. In welding, two pieces of metal are joined together through coalescence. Similarly, the process of spin forming requires a spinning disc at very high speeds with symmetrical sides that are shaped using a tool known as a spoon.
As you can see, there’s a considerable amount of waste. The disc is cut down using a spoon and then shaped together, which leads to a lot of excess scrap. However, you don’t have to worry about all of this with deep drawing. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!