X-Ray Housing Port Boss

Specification of X-Ray Housing Port Boss

   Capabilities Applied / Processes               Primary

5 – Axis Horizontal Machining with milling, drilling, tapping and deburring operations + part marking

   Capabilities Applied / Processes               Secondary

Helicoil installation, 1/2 degreasing

   Equipment Used to Manufacture Part      

Kitamura 5-axis Horisontal milling machine with pallet charger

   Overall Part Dimensions                                 

3.50 sq x 2.00 I.D

   Tightest Tolerances                                     

+ .005 / -.000

   Material Used                                              

Al. 6061 – T6

   Material Finish                                             

Machined Finish, 32 finish in seal areas

   In Process Testing / Inspection                 Performed

Custom Fixturing, in-process, final in-p

   Part Photo / Reference Number