Gasser & Sons has maintained an ISO 9001 certification for over two decades. Though our history of high quality work and current ISO 9001: 2008 certification can speak for itself, we take nothing for granted in all our departments.  Our most recent ISO Survey Audit showed that Gassers facilities were graded with a perfect score, proving that our quality management systems, procedures and equipment continue to reflect the highest quality standards.

Our Quality Department, headed by George Cali, assures that customer parts and assemblies are inspected before, during, and after each stage of the production process prior to each shipment.  First-piece inspections must meet drawing specifications and engineering guidelines before the production process can proceed. During production, our machine operators check parts in-process and the final piece is sent to the Quality Department for verification. A physical record of each operation accompanies the parts from department to department and is scanned into our computerized record-keeping system according to customer and part number. Using this process allows Gasser to maintain an up to date production and processes log on each part as it moves through our facility. The records highlight details such as the particular gauge or equipment used in order to maintain complete accountability.

At the fingertips of our quality inspectors is a full complement of measuring devices and equipment, including calipers, micrometers, height gauges, a surface finish gauge, an optical comparator and all the way up to a state-of-the-art computerized coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  Our inspectors are cross-trained on all the equipment to assure a consistent level of experience and expertise.  We all pride ourselves on providing our customers with deep drawings, stampings, assemblies and machined parts that are produced with precision and proven with quality