Finishing Services

When the cleanliness and of your part is of the utmost importance, turn to the finishing department at Gasser and Sons. We maintain a state of the art CNC vapor degreasing system, a multitude of tumbling, deburring and polishing services to ensure that your parts can go directly from our production floor into your products.

Lead Fabrication and Installation

Gasser & Sons, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Lead Components, Lead Lining, & Lead Shielding technology for over 60 years. Gasser forms, stamps, draws, and casts lead into a variety of shapes and sizes in order to serve the radiation shielding and soundproofing needs of our valued clients. We have the experience and…

CNC Machining

CNC or Computerized-Numerically-Controlled machines are utlized by our highly trained operators to attain closer tolerances, fine finishes and the highest levels of quality on all of the parts we produce. Gasser is equipped with over 40 small and large CNC machines, which includes our most recent acquisition of a 5 axis Mazak Integrex 300 IV-S…

Design Development

It is our priority to provide the most comprehensive experience for our clients from design to production. Our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers will review any part design submitted to Gasser in order to ensure that we can produce parts well beyond the limits of conventional manufacturing techniques.