Top of the Line Deep Draw Stampings and Enclosures

At Gasser, we have established our presence as one of the industry leaders in deep drawn components including deep drawn enclosures and stampings. Owing to our 100 plus years of experience in Deep Drawn Parts & Metal Stamping, we are confident enough to deliver quality experience both in terms of customer service and a wide variety of products. Our Deep Drawing process has been formed and reformed throughout the years to continually offer our customers the latest technology for Deep Drawn products. So, when it comes to Deep Drawn Stampings you want to work with one of the largest metal deep drawing companies in the US.

The Deep Drawing Process

Gasser’s proud to be one of the leading Deep Drawing companies providing customer oriented and highly affordable Deep Drawn Metal Stamping services. This is possible because we follow a standard Deep Drawing process that sets us apart much to the envy of our competitors. Our Deep Drawing process is highly cost efficient while production speeds remain higher than other processes including welding and spin forming. We begin our process with a full metal blank sheet and press it into a cup shaped die. The presses and dies get narrower and deeper depending on the desired depth and diameter of the cup, then go through the processes remaining to form the desired component. Since most of the metal sheet is used during the drawing process, our customers save on cost due to the lack of wasted materials.

Deep Draw Stampings and Enclosures

At Gasser, you can get Deep Drawn parts and Metal Stamping all in one location. In fact, we’re one of the leading Deep Drawn Stamping companies providing top of the line Deep Drawn Enclosures as per your requirements. Metal Stamping allow the products to be marked with either identification for the supplier or product numbering during the Deep Drawing process. This makes it easy for parts to be identified by our customers. Our Deep Drawn Enclosures offer a secure metal casing for various products including batteries and the encasing of electronics for safety. We can create enclosures in various sizes and shapes to suit your product requirements. For your convenience, all of your Deep Drawn components are produced in one place saving you time and money. As a highly reputable Deep Drawn Parts Manufacturer, we offer our customers highly customized deep drawn components as per their budget and business needs. Gasser offers quality with confidence. It is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality Deep Drawn Components regardless of the specifications. So, there’s a good enough reason as why we are rated as one of the top Deep Drawn Precision Parts Companies operating in the industry. We look forward to put our expertise at work for you. For any questions and custom Deep Drawn solutions, contact Gasser at (631) 543-6600.