Deep drawn stamping is a machining process in which metal is stamped or depressed into a cavity, which stretches, bends and shapes the metal accordingly. This can be done multiple times to produce unique shapes like oil filters, gas tanks and even kitchen sinks out of a wide variety of metals.

As such, it is a common practice, yet vastly unknown to the general public, which is why we would like to help you understand what drawing, or ‘stamping’, is, as well as why it’s so commonly utilized today.

Draw Stamping – A Complicated but Effective Technique

While many people are confused by the technical explanation, the basic gist is that metal is pushed into a shaped cavity so as to force the metal into the shape of the cavity. However, this is more complicated than it seems, as machinists have to understand how the various forces act upon the metals. Aluminum is particularly difficult in this regard, as it tears easily, often requiring a skilled artisan to machine effectively.

In regards to the difference between typical stamping and the deep drawn variation, The Fabricator explains that the height of the produced part must be two or more times taller than the part’s width in order for it to be considered deep drawn.

Less Waste and Greater Efficiency

One of the leading advantages of deep drawn stamping is that the finished product is often composed entirely of the original material piece. In fact, it’s one of the only methods in which you don’t always have to cut off excess material, making it cost-effective as well as efficient.

Additionally, experience in the industry can also offer far greater efficiency. As shared on Science Direct, accurate predictions of forming, stamping and thickness distribution decreases both the cost of materials as well as production time. This is because each stamped product doesn’t need to be machined further if the stamping process is accurate, and at most only small bits of extra material need to be shaved off or polished.

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