century of quality    and experience Gasser & Sons, Inc. Is proud to be celebrating 100 years of quality service and
industry expertise.
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LEADING THE WORLD In the production of High Quality X-Ray Housings and Components. Request a Quote Online! CNC MACHINED HOLES CNC MACHINED HOLES Permanent Mold
Aluminium Casting
Precision Milling
and Drilling
Custom Cast lead (Pb)
Precision Deep

Drawn Components
Gasser has provided our Worldwide customers with the best parts, prices,
quality and services for almost a century.
Request a Quote Online! Deep Drawn Aluminium
Milled / Drilled Opening Hand Polished Surfaces
Assembly X-Ray

We offer mass spectrum testing of every X-Ray housing and accessory
manufactured with our proprietary lead-lining process to guarantee 100% leak-
free assemblies.
Request a Quote Online! Painted Aluminium Dip Brazed Assembly Custom Casted Lead Line
CNC Machined Holes Machined Holes
All Your Parts


under One roof
When it comes to metal components our total, under-one-roof resources can
give you the design flexibility you need to create the highest quality parts at the
lowest cost.
Request a Quote Online! CNC Machined Grooves OFHC Copper Formed Bulged Window Multi-stage Deep Drawn
For A Visible Difference in

your Components
We produce deep drawn, formed and stamped components precise enough
for the most demanding industries. Click now to see how our expertise can
make the difference in your parts.
Request a Quote Online! Hand Polished Stainless Steel Pierced Hole Drifted / Formed Hub
Dual Formed

Gasser has provided our Worldwide customers with the best parts, prices,
quality and services for almost a century.
Request a Quote Online! Drifted Formed Hub Pierced Hole Formed Flange Gold Planted Contact
Deep Drawn Part

The Worlds Leading Producer of X-Ray Housings.

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At Gasser our commitment to quality is visible in every component that leaves our facility. Since 1916, we have been committed to providing precision components that are produced with high quality standards in mind. Our commitment to quality starts with our firm belief that every customer deserves the best possible service from the minute they make contact with us. From our design team to our assembly line, every worker at Gasser is focused on bringing quality parts that are clean and made to exact specifications. We have been ISO certified for over a decade, so we can easily meet the needs of our international customer base. Gasser is an industry leader that can provide you with the support that you need when you need it the most.

Gasser has the tools and equipment to handle any job of any size in our state of the art facility. We have over 40 presses that range from 50-400 tons. In addition, we have a full team of highly skilled engineers and tool and die masters that are ready to help with your project. Our company has innovative solutions for all of your assembly and stamping needs. You can always count on us for high quality components and fast lead times. We understand that strict deadlines need to be adhered to, without ever sacrificing quality, and we offer a century of expertise behind every single part!

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